Our Trustees


Our trustees come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Its these wonderful humans that make Ripple Effect possible, and are also in the ones in room making the decisions!


Meet the team:

Triton Tunis-Mitchell: Loves to see people thrive and take action for a better world. Yoga, physio, communities and environment.

Amber Cronin: Visual artist and arts advocate, big believer in magic, the power of change and First Nations first leadership. Lover of pasta.

Ben Roberts: Performing artist, producer, and queer advocate. Strong interests in hiking, yoga and fashion.

Will Chappell: Small business owner, self improvement devotee, cosmic and earthly mysteries unraveller

Khai Liew: Artist, designer, maker. Conserver of material culture from the past and making the new for the future. Adelaide always a mother to Khai.

Lisa Tarca: Recovering/semi-retired IT geek giving back to community through philanthropy and volunteering. Dual American and Australian citizen, my happy places are ski slopes and yoga studios.

Scott Trestrail: Self employed for 20 years in building industry and artist of one-off pieces of commissioned furnishings

Gabrielle Golding: Law lecturer, supporter of her students' ambitions, indoor plant enthusiast and yoga lover.

Juanita Hanna: country girl at heart grounded by nature and irresistibly drawn to water. Loves a good story. Passionate about working together for a brighter, lighter and healthier world.